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Bloom *Artist Series *1 Limited Edition Duffel

Bloom *Artist Series *1 Limited Edition Duffel

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Our limited edition Bloom *Artist Series *1 Duffle is inspired by the eclectic collective of Hawai‘i's POW WOW artist & their murals, Collective BC has partnered with Solstice Creative LLC to bring the vibrant art of Hawai‘i to the world. Lightweight, durable, and easy to carry with you in your hands or around your shoulders, these duffels are the perfect addition to every artist's arsenal.
Dedicated to every artist who strives at 3am to create & pursue a dream during this waking life…3am, the hours of painters, writers, seekers & creative souls. We know who you are, we can see your lights on. Remember, the dream is free…hustle sold separately.

*Limited Production Run//Only 30 pieces produced 
.: 100% Polyester
.: Black durable straps

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